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Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian Is Proof of Why You Should Never Settle For Less In Love



Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian Is Proof of Why You Should Never Settle For Less In Love

In a powerful essay, the Reddit co-founder makes it clear why he doesn’t hesitate to support Serena in all her career endeavors despite the toll it takes on his career.

Serena Williams is quite literally the most prolific athlete of our times.

There isn’t a single record she hasn’t broken, a glass ceiling she hasn’t shattered, and an opportunity she hasn’t seized and completely crushed. She’s received unprecedented acclaim from nearly every single section of society, but it still doesn’t feel enough, especially in light of the undeniable impact she’s made on tennis and sport in general.

Serena Williams

In recent years, a lot of the focus has turned to her husband, Alexis Ohanian. Their relationship is thought to be fairly unconventional in today’s culture, even with the progress that’s taken place in matters of gender equality over the last decade or so. Their sweet, loving partnership, which the two haven’t been shy in showcasing, has been singled out by the press time and again, but it’s not often that they delve into Alexis’ thought process and decision-making.

The more you learn about his understanding of masculinity and marriage, the more appreciation you develop for their unique arrangement. Here’s what we can learn from Alexis Ohanian and his point of view.

Alexis reveals the truth behind his “compromises” for Serena and their daughter

Serena Williams, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. and Alexis Ohanian attend the 2021 AFI Fest (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)
The first thing to note about Alexis Ohanian is that he isn’t just some trophy husband who had no choice but to surrender to Serena’s enormous career.

Serena Williams (L) of the US and her husband Alexis Ohanian talk to their daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr during the ‘A Day at the Drive’ exhibition tournament in Adelaide on January 29, 2021. (Photo by Brenton Edwards / AFP) / — IMAGE RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE – STRICTLY NO COMMERCIAL USE — (Photo by BRENTON EDWARDS/AFP via Getty Images)

He’s the co-founder and executive chairman of Reddit and has developed and launched a number of other enterprises on the side, including venture capital firm Initialized Capital, travel search platform Hipmunk, and niche merchandise website Breadpig. He’s an influential entrepreneur and philanthropist in the tech space, so he could have easily rested on his laurels and tried to maintain a ‘balance’ between work and family, as many men do.

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Yet Alexis didn’t want to go the easy route. He wanted to be the best possible husband to the woman he calls the “greatest mom of all time.” In an eye-opening essay for Glamour, Alexis credits his mindset to his mom and dad and how they instilled in him a passion for “showing up” and putting in an effort day in, day out. He realized early on that it was going to be an uphill battle to get quality time with Serena, seeing how they both had hectic schedules that always kept them “on the road.” That’s why he and Serena always planned out their calendars in advance: to ensure there “isn’t more than a week that [they] go without seeing each other.”

Serena Williams

By watching [my parents] up close, I learned what it means to be supportive, how to make compromises without sacrificing yourself, and how to show up in the ways that matter.

However, when their daughter Olympia was born, their dynamic shifted to a whole new level. Alexis was lucky enough to take 16 weeks of paid leave, which enabled him to discover the beauty of fatherhood in its most powerful form. Since then, he’s undertaken the role of a “business dad” where the lion’s share of his energy is fixated on his daughter and whatever his wife requires from him. It’s not that he’s entirely retired from his profession but more that he understands the necessity of making “compromises” for the sake of the family. He does say he’s “fortunate to be his own boss,” which extends freedoms such as bringing Olympia into the office or working remotely, but also acknowledges that Serena’s work does take precedence in the grand scheme of things.“At the end of the day, sometimes her career really does have to come first,” he wrote on Glamour.

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He admits Serena’s career does “come first,” but their partnership isn’t a one-way street, either

Alexis Ohanian reacts during the Women’s Singles semi-final match between Serena Williams of the United States and Elina Svitolina of the Ukraine on day eleven of the 2019 US Open (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)
Since welcoming Olympia, Alexis has become a staunch advocate for paid paternity leave and encourages other men to prioritize and truly value what it means to be a dad. They shouldn’t be ashamed if they’re left to do what is traditionally known as “women’s work.” Taking care of your child should be an intuitive feeling — you’re not supposed to consider social stigmas or how they interfere with your presentation of masculinity. As Alexis writes in the essay, “If you need to make more money than your partner to have confidence, then I think there’s something more going on under the hood.”

If your “swagger” relies on seeking validation from archaic gender roles, it’s probably not real in the first place, as per Alexis. Despite social changes that have taken place over the last fifty years, many men still pride themselves on being the breadwinner in the household. Childcare is a secondary hobby for many of them, which is why we should celebrate Alexis’ approach to what he deems as a necessary evolution of our culture.

I know I’ve been successful in my career, but I’m not the one racking up the trophies. It helps that my wife and I both know what it takes to be successful and bring that mutual understanding, drive, and relentlessness to the table […] I’m far from perfect, but I try to get behind her and let her know I’m there for her and our daughter, no matter what.

Furthermore, he doesn’t see their relationship as a one-sided system. Revealing how he and Serena have extensive conversations about “her career goals and what she can do to reach them,” he also adds how “she does the same with [him].” The pair are always looking out for each other and their happiness; if neither is happy within the partnership, the other is willing to do whatever it takes to adjust and change course. “I know I’ve been successful in my career, but I’m not the one racking up the trophies,” he said. Both Alexis and Serena are well aware of “what it takes to be successful,” and they’re able to bring “mutual understanding, drive, and relentlessness to the table” to ensure their family doesn’t run into any major obstacles. Alexis is not the first or last man to favor fatherhood over professional glory, and it can feel problematic to underscore a man’s sacrifice when women have been doing the same since time immemorial, but progress is progress nonetheless. Any upward movement in the road to gender equality should be recognized; if we don’t address any change, how will we know what comes next?

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Little compromises are part of a healthy relationship
It goes without saying that many men need to step up and “surprise and delight” like Alexis if they want to develop a true partnership with their women. You can’t expect to get it right 100% of the time, but as long as your head is in the right place and you care about the other person, you’ll make it work. Of course, it’s not like women don’t also have to concede in many areas to strengthen the partnership. Sacrifices need to come from both sides, but when you’re in love and immersed in the idea of happiness, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t feel like a compromise at all because it’s instinctive to you; it’s what you’re meant to be doing with your time because it’s what brings you the most fulfillment.

Serena Williams

At the very least, if you don’t have time or space or mental capacity to make a compromise, effort does go a long way. Persistent, strategic, oftentimes creative effort is a potent weapon; it shows that people you are serious and ready to navigate any hurdle. As long as you’re showing willingness, half your battle is over.


Nico Rosberg says Lewis Hamilton’s seven titles among ‘greatest’ sporting feats



Lewis Hamilton
Nico Rosberg says Lewis Hamilton’s seven titles among ‘greatest’ sporting feats

Social media was awash with praise for Lewis Hamilton after he clinched a record-equalling seventh World Drivers’ Championship title by winning the Turkish Grand Prix.

British driver Hamilton delivered arguably his finest display of the season to claim his 10th win from 14 races and match Michael Schumacher’s all-time title haul with three rounds to spare.

Lewis Hamilton

Former world  led the adulation on Twitter, hailing his former rivals’ achievements as “insane” and among the “greatest” in sporting history.

The German, who took the title in 2016, wrote: “7 x World Champion – that’s insane! Massively deserved. Surely one of the greatest achievements in the history of sports.

“Congratulations Lewis and enjoy the celebrations with your family and friends.”

Formula One described Hamilton and his joint record holder Schumacher as “legendary drivers”.

Meanwhile, the Mercedes team were blown away by the impressive exploits of their star driver.

After tweeting they were “speechless” as Hamilton took the chequered flag in style, they added: “WHAT A WAY TO DO IT, MATE. WHAT A WAY TO WIN YOUR SEVENTH WORLD TITLE!”.

Other members of the motorsport community swiftly offered congratulatory words.

Dario Franchitti, a four-time IndyCar Series champion and three-time Indy 500 winner, saluted the winning performance in Istanbul as a “masterclass”, while Dutch racing driver Giedo Van Der Garde posted a picture of himself on the podium alongside a youthful Hamilton and praised the Briton’s self-belief.

“A masterclass today from @LewisHamilton to win his seventh World championship. So so impressive,” tweeted Franchitti.

Van Der Garde wrote: “Who would’ve thought that kid would go on to win 7 World Championships. I guess you did. Congratulations champ, you wrote history again today. @LewisHamilton”.

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French driver Romain Grosjean, who retired from the race on lap 52, had expected Schumacher’s record to stand the test of time.

He wrote: “Congrats @LewisHamilton Didn’t think Michael record was ever going to be equalize. Very impressive Congrats @MercedesAMGF1 for the incredible work also.”

England’s football team were short but sweet in their praise for the Stevenage-born driver, simply writing: “Congratulations, Lewis!” followed by a clapping emoji.

Former England striker Gary Lineker hailed Hamilton’s display as “stunning”, adding a goat emoji at the end of his tweet.

“Congratulations to @LewisHamilton on equalling Michael Schumacher’s 7 world titles,” wrote Lineker.

“What an achievement. Has to be right up there alongside our greatest ever sportspeople. Stunning.”

However, not everyone in the football community was as complimentary.

Former Republic of Ireland striker Stephen Elliott dismissed suggestions Hamilton is Britain’s greatest sportsman as “ludicrous” in a tweet questioning the worthiness of Formula One.

“Maybe an unpopular opinion and I may be in the minority but some people claiming Lewis Hamilton as the greatest British sportsman ever is ludicrous. He drives a car around in circles. Ok, he seems to be the best at it but still!!! #formula1,” wrote the well-travelled former Sunderland and Wolves player.

On a more positive note, there was praise from the political world.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was quick to hail Hamilton’s success, saying he had done Briton proud.

He tweeted: “An impressive victory – well done @LewisHamilton! You have made us all so proud.”

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace hailed Hamilton’s feat as a “world beating achievement”, while Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden offered a similar sentiment.

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Lewis Hamilton

“Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton a world beating achievement. The UK should be very proud of his achievements and British Motorsport,” wrote Wallace.

Dowden posted: “Huge congratulations to @LewisHamilton 7 times @F1 World Champion and won in style #TurkishGP One of our greatest sports stars.”

Meanwhile, the man himself dedicated his achievements to his fans, family and friends in a series of tweets.

“7X Formula 1 World Champion. Wow. To everyone that has supported me along the way, this is for you,” posted Hamilton.

“To my incredible family, where do I even start? I am eternally grateful for your unconditional love, sacrifices and support to my closest friends that have made this challenging season more bearable by continuously lifting my spirits, thank you, this year would have been so much harder without you.

“To every rival that has pushed me to grow and become better, thank you, I share this with you too…”

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“Steph Curry tells Ayesha Curry he can’t live without S~#!”: The Warriors superstar shares his dotting love for his wife on HBO’s show



Steph Curry and Ayesha Curry have been going strong for 10 years. The secret? Lots of time together. His answer on HBO reiterates that.   

Steph and Ayesha Curry have become one of the league’s most loved couples. The Chef’s wife, who herself is an actual chef has been seen courtside and her influence outside the basketball court is phenomenal.

The two have great chemistry and it is evident from the fact that they have been going strong for 10 years. What’s more both of them have been incredibly vocal about their vibrant love life.


So naturally, when promoting their new show, About Last Night on HBO, they would be asked questions that are intimate. Steph and Ayesha do not shy away from these questions.


S`#, coffee, phone, or weed? What can’t Steph Curry live without for a month?

Ayesha asks Steph, “Babe, what could you not live without for a month, sex, coffee, phone, or weed?”. Steph quickly replied “For sure, s`#”

To which Ayesha replies “okay!”, while laughing and Steph chimed in with “Okay, I was making sure we’re on the same page now!”

Talk about details. The two do not care about expressing their love for each other nor do they care about sharing their intimate details.


Twitter is well aware of this and often points it out. Now we know why the power couple from San Fransisco has stayed so strong. Given their answer, it is unlikely they will fall apart.


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Scarlett Johansson Is Trying to Keep This Part of Her Past a Secret From Her Daughter



It’s easy enough for parents to keep sordid details of their pasts a secret from their children, but for actors like Scarlett Johansson, whose face has been plastered on the pages of Page Six for years, it’s not so simple.

Now the Marvel actor has revealed just what she’s most hoping to keep hidden from her six-year-old daughter, Rose, whom she shares with ex-husband Romain Dauriac. No, it’s not one of her movies.

“I used to smoke when I was younger and I’m so ashamed,” the Black Widow star told Drew Barrymore during a recent talk show appearance. “I just don’t want her to ever think that I ever thought it was cool ’cause she can never, ever, ever smoke.”

She joked, “’Cause that’s what you do. You forbid your kids from doing things and then they don’t do them. So yeah, I just hope she never figures that out.” Spoiler: She’s probably gonna figure it out.

Scarlett Johansson also has a son, Cosmo, whom she welcomed with her husband, Colin Jost, in August 2021. Considering the little boy is less than a year old, Cosmo is unlikely to have too many questions about his mom’s history with nicotine products. He’s more interested in his feet, last we heard.

“He’s great,” Johansson said back in December. “He’s tiny. He’s making all the fun discoveries, like feet. Feet! Who knew? They’re there!” The star said her son is doing “everything” to his feet: “Stare at them, pull on them, chew on them.”

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She added, “It’s just unbelievable. I mean, can you imagine you never realized you had feet and then you looked down, and there they are? You’re like, ‘Whoa.’”

Rose, however, is not interested in Cosmo’s feet, or any part of Cosmo, for that matter. “She has a lot going on in her life,” Johansson told Jimmy Fallon last year. “She’s got a very active social calendar, so she’s not as interested in the baby as, I don’t know, let’s say, like, any other thing really?”

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Maria Sharapova is impressed by her own popularity after viral tweet



Is it possible for superstars to be impressed by their own popularity despite having lived under the spotlight for a long time? Apparently, Maria Sharapova still hasn’t gotten used to her success. On April 3, the Russian shared her cell phone number with her Twitter followers and asked them to text her, explaining that a big part of her wish is due to the fact that “we’re all in this separation, this physical-distancing [thing] together”.

The response from the five-time Grand Slam champion’s fans was immediate and the video received over 60,000 views in barely two hours. But leave it to social media to exponentially increase statistics… Not even two days later, Sharapova posted a new message on her account in which she expressed her surprise at the traction generated by her video.

“2.2 million views in 40 hours,” she wrote. Before inserting a GIF of a woman frantically typing on her cell phone keyboard, she added, “My current phone status…”

To many of the Russian’s fans despair, the number cannot be contacted from outside of the United States. 

Many from all over the world have requested that she get WhatsApp or at least that she share a way in which they could reach her. Others, who have been lucky enough to be able to text her, are still waiting for an answer. Four days after being posted, the video had climbed up to over 3.7 million views.


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John McEnroe has suggested that Rafael Nadal gets special treatment from umpires over his slow service routine



John McEnroe has suggested that tennis superstar Rafael Nadal gets special treatment from umpires.

The tennis legend made the claim while speaking to Insider last month about superstitions he had on the court during his playing career.

“I didn’t have any major superstitions,” said McEnroe. “Sometimes, I’d step on lines on odd games and not step on the same lines in deuce games, or I’d mismatch outfits on purpose because I was winning that way.

“It was those sort of things. I wasn’t nearly as bad as Rafa.”

The American went on to reference Nadal’s famous serving routine, in which before each serve, the Spaniard places his hair behind his ear, pulls his nose and adjusts his shorts while bouncing the ball numerous times.

“Rafa has got his ritual that takes 30 seconds every time he plays a point,” he said. “If you’re that great you can get away with it.

“That’s one of the incentives of being the best — you get away with more, as evidenced by what I did at times on the court and what he does, in a totally classier way, though. Obviously, he’s not out there screaming at people or anything.”

McEnroe isn’t the first person to suggest Nadal is given preferential treatment by umpires over his slow style of play.

At the Australian Open in January, Canadian player Denis Shapovalov said the 35-year-old “100%” gets special treatment, after losing to Nadal in the quarterfinals.

“I think it’s unfair how much Rafa is getting away with,” Shapovalov said after the defeat. He had twice complained to umpire Carlos Bernardes about how much time Nadal was taking between points during the match.

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Players are allowed 25 seconds between points and two minutes between sets, all timed by a shot clock.

“Every other match that I have played, the pace has been so quick because the refs have been on the clock after every single point,” said Shapovalov.

“This one, after the first two sets, it was like an hour and a half just because he’s dragged out so much.”

He added: “I respect everything that Rafa has done, and I think he’s an unbelievable player. But there have got to be some boundaries, some rules set.

“It’s just so frustrating as a player. You feel like you’re not just playing against the player; you’re playing against the umpires, you’re playing against so much more.”

In reply to the Canadian’s claims, Nadal said: “I believe he is wrong in this case.”

A representative for Nadal, when presented with McEnroe’s comments, responded: “The time between points are timed by a clock that both players, umpire and public can see. If any player goes below the rules time allow they automatically get a warning. So I don’t really see anymore the discussion about this matter.”

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