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Stephen Curry Responds To Ayesha Curry’s Question ‘What Could You Not Live Without For One Month’: “Sex, Coffee, Your Phone, Or Weed?”



Steph Curry is one of the most popular players on the NBA stage and it has led to his wife Ayesha Curry finding herself in the spotlight at times as well. The two have enjoyed the limelight and have become one of the more well-known couples in the NBA.

Ayesha has previously come under fire for comments she has made regarding feeling to be wanted, but things have improved considerably since then. She even spoke about her body transformation and how she hopes it would inspire others to follow in her lead.

The couple recently went on HBO’s About Last Night show and we got some hilarious soundbites out of it too!

Ayesha Curry: “Babe what could you not live without for a month?”

Steph Curry: “Sex, for sure.”

Ayesha Curry: “Okay” (laughs)

When Ayesha asked her husband what he couldn’t live without for a month if he had to choose between sex, coffee, his phone, or weed, Steph answered without hesitation, sex, for sure.

Ayesha did not seem too surprised by the response which indicates that the couple seems to be on the right terms at the moment. From the outside looking in, it hasn’t always seemed that way, so it is good to see the couple having some fun on the set with each other. Also on the show were the likes of Draymond Green, who opted to avoid answering this question.

Draymond Green: “Damn that’s tough”

Curry and Draymond had some fun on the show but their eyes are now all set on getting back to the NBA Finals. The Warriors eliminated the Memphis Grizzlies to get to the Western Conference finals and will face the Dallas Mavericks, who stunned the top-seeded Phoenix Suns.

They are heavy favorites against the Mavs and not making it to the Finals this season would be a major surprise at this point. With their championship pedigree, you have to think another title is very much on the cards.

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Why Stephen Curry will host ESPN’s ESPYS Awards



NBA Finals MVP Stephen Curry is hosting the ESPN ESPYS Awards next month, and “never imagined he would “have the privilege of hosting this special event.”

Warriors star Stephen Curry will continue to be in the spotlight as he hosts ESPN’s annual ESPYS awards on July 20 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old is not only a contender for Best NBA Player, but he’s also a finalist for Best Male Athlete alongside Aaron Rodgers, Shohei Ohtani and Connor McDavid. Curry was also nominated for Best Record-Breaking Performance for overcoming Ray Allen for the most made three-pointers in the history of the NBA.

Warriors' Steph Curry nominated for 'Best NBA Player' at ESPN's 2021 ESPY  awards

The ceremony comes a month after Golden State’s seventh NBA championship title, which is also their fourth in eight years.

What are the ESPYS Awards?

The ESPYS Awards, which stand for ‘Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly’, is an accolade to recognize individual and team athletic achievement and sports-related performance during the calendar year before a given annual ceremony.

Hunt Auctions, LLC

The awards help raise awareness and funds for the V Foundation for Cancer Research, the charity founded by basketball coach Jim Valvano and ESPN back in 1993. Over the past 29 years, ESPN has helped raise more than $165 million for the foundation.

Who will be honored at the ESPYS Awards 2022?

The nominees for the event have already been announced with the best NBA player including CurryNikola Jokić, the Denver Nuggets center, Joel Embiid, the Philadelphia 76ers center and the Dallas Mavericks’ Luka Dončić.

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Stephen Curry won Best NBA player and couldn't even lead his team to the  playoffs": NBA fans react to the Golden State Warriors MVP winning the ESPY  Best NBA Player - The

ESPN Executive Editor-At-Large Rob King explained in a statement why Curry is the chosen presenter this year. “Steph has long been one of the brightest stars in the sports constellation, and we’re thrilled to have him share his passion for sports, his wit and his boundless talent with The ESPYS. Whether shining on the court, engaging with fans on social platforms or demonstrating a commitment to communities through varied philanthropic acts, he’s a singular performer who’ll undoubtedly add luster to our celebration of some of this year’s most compelling moments.”

In addition to the NBA awards, former heavyweight boxing champion and mayor of KyivVitali Klitschko will also be honored with the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage. Retired Army Command Sergeant Major Gretchen Evans, who is also an author and athlete, will be honored with the Pat Tillman Award for Service presented by MassMutual. And last but not least, the college basketball legend, broadcaster and hall-of-famer Dick Vitale will be honored with the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance.


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Draymond Green Explains Why Stephen Curry Is Now Unstoppable In Isolation: “He’s The Strongest Guy On The Team… That Allowed Him To Score Whenever He Wanted…”



Stephen Curry is the best point guard in the league, and there’s no doubt that he’s one of the best scorers as well. Curry won the scoring title during the 2020-21 season, and it’s possible that he will win another one in the future.

Draymond Green Explains Why Stephen Curry Is Now Unstoppable In Isolation:  "He's The Strongest Guy On The Team... That Allowed Him To Score Whenever  He Wanted..." - Fadeaway World

It is quite clear that Stephen Curry is one of the toughest covers in the league, and some people would call him unstoppable. Draymond Green is someone that believes that, and he has recently claimed that the reason Stephen Curry is unstoppable is due to his increased strength, even claiming that he’s the “strongest guy” on the Warriors. (21:15):

Draymond Green Explains Why Stephen Curry Is Now Unstoppable In Isolation:  "He's The Strongest Guy On The Team... That Allowed Him To Score Whenever  He Wanted..." | Flipboard

“The reality is is we got to a point where we needed to be able to give someone the ball that can just go get a bucket, and Kevin was already there. I don’t think Steph was there yet. So it gets us through those two years, we get those two championships, but while we’re doing that Steph is continuing to work and evolve, and most importantly, becoming the strongest dude on our team. And to this day, he’s the strongest guy on the team. And that allowed him to score whenever he wanted because you can no longer bump his off his path…That’s where Steph turned a corner and he became unstoppable, and now we’re able to continue wining championships because he’s unstoppable.”

Steph Curry was the real Western Conference Player of the Week

There is no question that Stephen Curry is hard to guard when he’s on fire, and now he’s definitely much better at creating his own shot, which makes him an even more unstoppable player. That was on display during these playoffs, and Curry hit many big baskets as the leader of the Golden State Warriors.

The Golden State Warriors just won the 2022 NBA championship behind Stephen Curry as the lone superstar on the roster. They might repeat next season, and forward Draymond Green has already claimed that they would win 3 of the next 4 championships. It is too early to say that they will win three more championships, but as long as Stephen Curry is still playing at a high level, they’ll have a good chance of getting to the Finals every year.

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Boston bar continues incredibly lame war of words with Warriors’ Steph and Ayesha Curry



The battle between a Boston bar and the Curry family continued this week heading into Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

Game On! outside Fenway Park doubled down on its stupid joke about Ayesha Curry after it improbably got a response from her husband earlier this week.

Steph & Ayesha Curry's DNC Appearance With Kids Ryan & Riley – Hollywood  Life

The bar put up a new sign with an all-caps “STILL” to its message that “Ayesha Curry can’t cook” and attached a couple packets of instant ramen, perhaps implying that’s all the cookbook author and restaurateur can actually prepare.

This feud initially picked up right before the Warriors’ 107-97 Game 4 win over the Celtics in Boston, when the bar posted a sign that simply said, “Ayesha Curry can’t cook,” in chalk on a sandwich board. The Golden State point guard then fired back with a shirt that read, “Ayesha Curry CAN Cook,” which he wore after his team’s Game 5 win against the Celtics on Tuesday.

Steph Curry's Wife Ayesha Curry: How They Met, Married, Kids

“I’m the petty king, so I know all about everything,” Curry said Wednesday. And he really did mean EVERYTHING.

It’s hard to see where Steph goes from here in this feud, which has devolved into two sides doing a yes-she-can-no-she-can’t back-and-forth. Does he break out another shirt that simply changes this sign’s “can’t” to a “can” again? Does he eat his wife’s food while doing his postgame press conference? Does he simply come out and say that the chef at the bar taunting his wife’s cooking prowess is the real one who can’t cook? Who knows? Neither side is exactly expending a whole lot of creativity, that’s reserved for the Dubs fans review-bombing the restaurant on Yelp.

Stephen Curry, Ayesha Curry's Hottest Moments: Photos

One thing that’s for certain: The Warriors can close out the NBA Finals on Thursday with a Game 6 win in Boston and haven’t lost since this feud caught the attention of Warriors fans. Maybe the bar owners just want this series to be over sooner rather than later.

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How Stephen Curry’s father Dell helped him polish his shooting ability



The Warriors star recently won the 2022 NBA Finals MVP award

Stephen Curry and Dell Curry

It takes lots of effort and work ethic to became a four-time NBA champion and receive a Finals MVP award, but Stephen Curry has managed to achieve both, having his father Dell as his role model.

The Golden State Warriors guard comes from a basketball family, with his father having played and with his younger brother Seth currently plying his trade at the Brooklyn Nets.

“He’s definitely better than I was,” his father Dell told GQ in 2016.

“I had a two-dribble limit. He’s probably best off the dribble. His range is definitely farther than mine was.

How Stephen Curry's father Dell helped him polish his shooting ability - Us  Stories

“But it’s a different NBA. I would never take 35-foot 3-pointers with 17 seconds on the shot clock.”

Dell spent 16 years in the NBA, featuring for teams such as the Utah JazzCleveland Cavaliers and Charlotte Hornets, winning the Sixth Man of The Year prize back in 1994.

“I saw my dad and how he carried himself as a professional and it helped me transition into the NBA,” Curry said in 2018.

Steph Curry’s summer workout with his father

When Steph struggled in his bid to polish his shooting ability, his father spent a summer with him before his sophomore year reworking his jumper and release from the inside out.

“[It was] the most frustrating summer for me,” Stephen told Sports Illustrated in 2013.

“I really couldn’t shoot outside the paint for like the first three weeks. All summer when I was at camps people were like, ‘Who are you, why are you playing basketball?’

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Who is Sonya Curry? A closer look into the life of NBA superstar Stephen  Curry's mother, aside from her recent controversy

“I was really that bad for a month and a half [before] I finally figured it out.”

His brother Seth said that Curry even thought about giving up and he would end up crying in practices.

It was at Davidson college when Curry finally stood out, registering 40.8 percent in three-pointers as a freshman and 43.9 percent as a sophomore. He also set an NCAA record for most three-pointers made in a single season with 162.

How Stephen Curry's father Dell helped him polish his shooting ability - Us  Stories

“He was a good shooter,” his father said.

“But when he started shooting against the best in the world, that’s when I knew, ‘Oh, okay’.”

Curry was selected by the Warriors in the 2009 draft and, along with Klay Thompson,Draymond Green and coach Steve Kerr, established one of the most successful teams in the NBA history

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NBA Fan Jokingly Says “Looks Like We’re Gonna Have Another Curry” After Hot Dance Of Stephen And Ayesha Curry



Exactly one week ago, the Golden State Warriors secured their 4th NBA championship in the last seven years and the 7th in franchise history. The Dubs had to fight hard to prove that they weren’t done yet and their dynasty was still alive. They never played a Game 7 during the 2022 playoffs, demonstrating that they were the team to beat in the league.

Ayesha Curry Twerks on Steph in Trainers at Championship Parade Party –  Footwear News

After everything was said and done, everybody started celebrating, taking shots at doubters, predicting that this wasn’t the end for the Warriors, and having a lot of fun at the expense of the 29 teams that couldn’t beat them.

Stephen Curry has a lot of reasons to celebrate after winning his first Finals MVP following an impressive performance against the Boston Celtics, and everybody joined him after the series was over. Ayesha Curry was really proud of her husband and never hesitated to show her love and admiration for the Chef.

Steph and Ayesha Curry partied hard after Warriors championship parade |  Flipboard

Moreover, the Currys were spotted dancing and having a great time together, but one fan thought that their hot dance was the preamble of something else. After a short video of Steph and his wife dancing saw the light, one fan claimed we could get a new Curry soon.

NBA Fan Jokingly Says "Looks Like We're Gonna Have Another Curry" After Hot  Dance Of Stephen And Ayesha Curry - Fadeaway World

The Curry family has gotten bigger in recent years. They have three kids together, and it doesn’t seem like they’re against the idea of adding a new one to their lovely family. Meanwhile, Steph is playing great basketball, being the ‘petty king’ and taking things personally when others doubt him.

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He’s getting ready to compete in another NBA season where everybody will be ready to dethrone the Warriors. As long as he has Ayesha’s support, Stephen will be just fine.

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