The pace is dizzying: Lewis Hamilton's new girlfriend conquers the network  Israel today - The Limited Times

The Daily Mail published the photos on Tuesday, showing Hamilton and Guzman both arriving back at the hotel.

She has since joined the ‘OnlyFans’ movement, charging subscribers a monthly fee for exclusive content (usually of the X-rated variety).

Red Bull figure accuses Lewis Hamilton of faking injury

Formula One’s governing body is investigating the crash between Hamilton and Verstappen because it was ‘unusual’, according to the race’s Australian director Michael Masi.

Masi said that although the collision was relatively low-speed, the FIA’s safety experts would still take a look.

Hamilton grillé à l'hôtel avec une célèbre mannequin !

The crash saw Verstappen’s Red Bull lift up off a kerb and land on Hamilton’s Mercedes with the inside of a rear wheel hitting the seven-times world champion’s helmet through the protective halo.

“Incidents that are different, so it’s not necessarily high G impacts or anything like that, but are unusual, we do look at,” said Masi.